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Welcome To Punishment Racing. DSM Parts Are Our Specialty.

If you want to build the baddest DSM on the planet you’ve come to the right website! We do one thing and one thing only, find the absolute best DSM performance parts available. You won’t find overpriced products that drain your wallet while adding little to no power to your ride. We leave that to the other shops on the internet.

There are a million places to buy your parts, so we do something a little different. We find, test and abuse every part on the market for the Diamond Star Motorsports family of street demons. The DSM parts that we recommend are the best bang for your buck options available. They may not be the biggest name brands. You may not read about them on the Facebook or the forums, but they do the job and they save you money, which is what being a real DSMer is all about.

Why DSM’s?

So what’s with the love of these old cars? One thing, at least for us, going fast on a budget. Dollar for dollar the DSM is tough to beat when it comes to building a fast street or strip car with limited funds. So many people have gone extremely fast on a bone stock 4G63 that’s it not even news anymore. 11 second quarter miles? Yep. 10’s? Done that. Hell there’s been a couple of nuts pushing these cars deep into the 9’s on a stock block. And that’s why we deal with the occasional issues that pop up.

The Future Of DSM Performance Parts.

The major issue we face is that DSM parts are slowly dying off. There are less and less Eclipses, Talons and Lasers in existence every year making it not worthwhile for companies to continue building parts. The community is shrinking and the demand is dwindling for DSM performance parts. At one point there were dozens of shops making parts, now there are just a few left and most of them are focusing on other platforms. They don’t have a choice, if they didn’t they would be out of business fast.

We’ve tried everything possible to remain the last DSM only shop on the planet with mixed success. Fabricating performance parts is time consuming and material costs go up every year, forcing up prices. The average DSMer doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on parts, and we get that because neither do we 😂

So now we’re trying something different. We will still be hand building some things like our famous DSM o2 Housings. and DSM T3 Manifolds but some things we simply can’t build cheaply enough to compete with the imported performance parts on the market. So what we are going to do is test every DSM part we can find and recommend the best bang for the buck products available. If it passes our criteria we will show you where to get it.

Why do this? Hopefully, you find this helpful when your researching upgrades for your DSM. And if you do find it helpful you’ll support what we do here. Everyone wins.

Our website is undergoing a major overhaul, but over the next few weeks it will be fully updated and filled with all new parts.