Vibrant Merge Collectors For T3 and T4 Turbos

Vibrant Performance is a leading supplier of high-quality fabrication components. Vibrant merge collectors, tubing and bends, intercooler cores, mufflers and resonators, flanges and titanium pieces are hands down the best bang for the buck pieces on the market.

We’ve been using Vibrant as our main supplier of mandrel bends in our DSM O2 Housings for over 8 years. The quality of the bends is excellent and they are always in stock which is important. When they introduced their line of turbo merge collectors we jumped at the chance to be one of the first shops to put them to the test. Up to that point we’d been cutting, shaping and tacking up our own merge collectors, which can be one of the most time consuming parts of a manifold build. We’d tried other collectors that were on the market but were never satisfied with the fitment or durability of what was out there. There were a few options that did offer super high quality but the prices were outlandish. It added so much to the material costs of the manifold that it wasn’t cost effective to use them.

Vibrant turbo merge collectors had great pricing and if the quality was good it would save us a ton of fabrication time. So I ordered a couple for the shop and was impressed by the fit and finish. Usually at these prices quality is always an issue. Once they arrived we did a thorough inspection and the fitment was perfect. There had definitely been quite a bit of time put into designing the collectors. After the quality inspection, the first couple of pieces were used and abused in our shop cars. Every kind of testing there is the collectors were put through. Drag racing, dyno pulls, flow testing, time attack racing, thousands of heat cycles. The collectors didn’t flinch. They held up to everything thrown at them.

After being sure they were durable enough, we began using them in our production parts. Over 500 of our turbo manifolds have been built using these collectors with zero failures which is amazing. The weight of a turbo hanging off the collector under extreme heat stress is handled with ease. Making a ton of horsepower is possible thanks to the well designed collection of gasses from each individual runner. You really can’t go wrong with Vibrant Performance if your looking for pre-cut merge collectors.

Vibrant T3 Merge Collectors

Vibrant offers many different configurations in their collectors. The standard T3 collector is the most popular. Each collector is made from 304 Stainless Steel Schedule 10 pipes for strength and durability. In addition, each pipe is precision cut in order to create a proper merge point for optimum scavenging of exhaust gases. Many of the fastest turbo cars in the country are using these in their manifolds. Short and tall versions are available, both of which have the correct merge angle, resulting in optimum flow of exhaust gasses.

Vibrant Part #: 2451 4 into 1 T3 Turbo Manifold Merge Collector (T3 & T3/T4) Short Version

vibrant t3 merge collector

– Designed for use with T3 Turbo Inlet Flanges
– Used With 1.5″ Schedule 10 Tubing
– Height: 76mm (3″)
– Outlet: 72mm x 48mm (approx)

Vibrant Part #: 2454 4 into 1 T3 Turbo Manifold Merge Collector (fits T3, T3/T4) – Tall Version

vibrant t3 merge collector tall

– Designed for use with T3, T3/T4 Turbo Inlet Flanges
– Used With 1.5″ Schedule 10 Tubing
– Height: 115mm (4 1/2″)
– Outlet: 72mm x 48mm (approx)

Vibrant T4 Merge Collectors

The second most popular collectors for turbo manifolds Vibrant makes is for T4 turbos. While the T4 exhaust housing isn’t as popular as the T3 version, it’s still the go to if you want to make big horsepower. We’ve used this collector on numerous builds and the fitment and quality is second to none. They’re available in both 4 and 6 cylinder variations. Short T4 collectors aren’t offered, however, there is a workaround for this. Cut a little off the end of the tall T3 collector and you have a shorter T4 that lines up nicely with the T4 turbo flange opening.

Part #: 2453 – 4 into 1 Turbo Manifold Merge Collector (fits all T4) – 4 UP STYLE

vibrant t4 merge collector

– Designed for use with all T4 Turbo Inlet Flanges
– Used With 1.5″ Schedule 10 Tubing
– Height: 120mm (4 3/4″)
– Outlet: 78mm x 64mm (approx)

Part #: 2456 – 6 into 1 Turbo Manifold Merge Collector (T4)

vibrant 6 cylinder merge collector

– Designed for use with T4 Turbo Inlet Flanges
– Used With 1.5″ Schedule 10 Tubing
– Height: 110mm (4 1/4″)
– Outlet: 74mm x 58mm (approx)


Vibrant offers a 1 year limited warranty against defect. We’ve yet to have an issue with these so we haven’t been through the warranty process. However, in previous experiences with their warranty department on other parts, they’ve stood behind everything they sell.

In conclusion if you’re building a turbo manifold and need to save some time but still want a quality T3 or T4 merge collector Vibrant is the way to go. Sure there other options on the market but you won’t find this combination of quality and price anywhere else.

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