Turbosmart Electronic Wastegate Is On Its Way

turbosmart electronic wastegate

Turbosmart recently announced the upcoming release of its electronic wastegate. This new technology will be a game-changer in the world of turbocharging.


  • TS-0553-1502  – Gen-V eWG45 Hyper-Gate Electronic Black
  • TS-0555-1502  – Gen-V eWG60 Power-Gate60 Electronic Black

The Turbosmart Electronic Wastegate Is Next Level Boost Control

Gone are the days of dealing with hoses, fittings and leaky lines. The new design eliminates the need for air pressure created by the turbocharger system to control the wastegate. The Turbosmart Electronic wastegate opens with an electronic signal, which allows for a predictive level of boost pressure. Traditional wastegate relied on air pressure using a diaphragm and spring. The turbo system needed to create the air pressure for the wastegate to function, which then allowed you to control the boost. With an electronic wastegate, you separate the pneumatic side of the control from what’s happening with the engine. The wastegate can be open at idle or when the car isn’t running for testing. The valve can now open and close independent of what is happening inside the engine.

Make Adjustments Fast

If you need to change something, it can be easily done on your laptop. Like, go from zero boost pressure to whatever the turbo can handle. This puts much more control in the hands of the tuner or driver. If there is a boost issue at a specific part of the rev range, it can be adjusted for before it happens. The valve can be set before the system starts to react. Depending on the size of the valve, they will be able to go from 0 to over 100psi. Allowing you to dial in the exact psi you want. You no longer need to swap out springs in the wastegate. More boost is just a click away. Eliminating the control solenoid, the boost lines, and diaphragm also removes the risk of failure in any of those lines. Dealing with leaking fittings and lines that take time to track down is a thing of the past.

No Need For Boost Controllers

Another bonus is since the electronic wastegate gives you full control over boost levels, boost controllers are no longer needed. One less expense is always a good thing.

Release Date

We should have these in stock  01-23-2020

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