RSX Mishimoto Radiator Review

rsx mishimoto radiator

The Acura RSX is a great car to drive both on the street and at the track. Since the introduction, it has become a favorite with the tuning crowd. Between its good looks and stellar performance, it offers something for everyone. In the article, we take a look at the RSX Mishimoto Radiator for this amazing car.

While the RSX production run may have ended over 15 years ago, there are thousands of these gems still on the road. It’s amazing how popular they are. But like any older car, day to day maintenance and performance upgrades are required. 

One of the common issues is the cooling system. As with any older vehicle cooling issues can happen. Especially when adding performance parts that can strain the stock unit. The RSX does have a known issue with radiator failure, something to keep in mind if you are in the process of making upgrades.

Enter the Mishimoto RSX Radiator.

The engineers at Mishimoto design their aluminum radiators to cars from the dangers of overheating. 

The construction of their products is among the best in the industry. The radiator features a lightweight dual core, 100% brazed aluminum and polished end tanks. They also include a 1.3 bar high pressure radiator cap and magnetic drain plug with every radiator. 

These units are designed to be a direct fit into your RSX. No major modifications required.

rsx radiator

Radiator Features:

  • Direct-Fit for the 2002–2006 Acura RSX
  • Full aluminum construction including durable, TIG-welded end tanks
  • Features a two-row, 1.4″ thick, efficient brazed aluminum core
  • Increased fluid capacity and optimal heat dissipation
  • Provides efficient temperature reduction for both street and track use
  • Efficient temperature regulation for both stock and modified vehicles
  • Includes 1.3 Bar High-Pressure Radiator Cap which effectively raises the boiling point of engine coolant, providing a safer and more efficient system
  • Includes Magnetic Drain Plug to capture any metallic debris/fragments in your cooling system


The radiator is approximately 1/2″ thicker than the OEM radiator. There are no clearance issues with any of the surrounding lines or supports. The only fitment issue you may come across is one of the threaded posts for the a/c fan mount is angled the slightest bit, not allowing the bolt to be secured. This can be easily fixed in seconds using a pair of vice grips to straighten it out. Other then that, it is a direct drop-in.

A few reviews from RSX owners :

“Perfect direct fit (2005 RSX-S), everything lined up correctly. Very solid welds. I expect this radiator to last longer than the rest of the car.”

“Mishimoto really does make nice stuff. The packaging was very nice foam covering every inch of it. The finish and attention to detail far exceeded my expectations. Every weld was consistent and it fit really well. No issues or modifications required to anything. It far exceeds the stock radiator in every aspect. The only thing I don’t like is in the car it’s completely covered by the bumper and you can’t see any of its beauty haha. Truly a great product. I will buy Mishimoto again for other cars as I’m sure I won’t need another for this car now.”

“Absolutely love this product, fits perfectly and works way better than the factory one. My car is operating much cooler AAA++”

“Amazing product and a great replacement over the stock radiator. Like many RSX owners, my factory radiator cracked (at the top plastic section), so upgrading to a Mishimoto was a win-win scenario since an OEM radiator is incredibly expensive. The installation was pretty basic. I did run into some issues with a leak near the bottom radiator hose, but I got that fixed and everything works flawlessly.”


The best part is like all Mishimoto Products this aluminum radiator comes with a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers any possible defects as well as any damage that may come as a result of an accident. How cool is that!

In Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a new radiator for your RSX the Mishimoto can’t be beaten in price or performance. We highly recommend this product to our customers

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