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Mishimoto DSM Radiator For 1990-94 DSM


Whether you’re a daily driver searching for a dependable quality upgrade from your current OEM radiator, or you are a devoted racer who needs a lightweight, high-performance radiator, Mishimoto has just what you’re looking for. Many drivers overlook the importance of having a high-quality radiator installed, yet it is one of the most important components in your vehicle’s engine. Mishimoto radiators are designed to efficiently reduce the heat from vital areas. Made with 100% brazed aluminum for a clean OEM fit, our radiators ensure excellence and a lifetime of efficient cooling. Perfect for any turbocharged, supercharged, or nitrous-oxide engine.

Part # MMRAD-ECL-90
Core Size: 335mm x 688mm
Rows: 2
Inlet: 35mm
Outlet: 35mm
Core Thickness: 40mm
Tank Wall Thickness: 2mm

Purchase Includes: Mishimoto Radiator, Lifetime Warranty