Hallman Boost Controller Pro MBC

Hallman Pro Series Manual Boost Controller Features:

  • Fast Spool-up (Not a Bleeder Valve)
  • Steady Boost Levels
  • Easy Adjustment System – No Tools Required
  • Over-Boost Protection
  • Cockpit Control Ready
  • CNC-machined Body
  • Durable Anodized Finish


Hallman Boost Controller Pro Kit


  • Machined out of billet aluminum and stainless steel pieces
  • No potential for overboosting
  • Does not require the use of a lock nut or allen wrench to adjust boost


  • Universal

What’s In The Box?

  • Hallman Pro boost controller
  • 3 feet of vacuum line
  • Mounting bracket
  • Hardware packet
  • Installation instructions


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty


Hallman Boost Controllers have been a mainstay in the turbo industry for over 25 years. Way back in August 1998 Turbo Magazine said

“The Marc Hallman Boost Controller is one of the best manual boost controllers available on the market.”

About The Hallman Boost Controller

The Hallman is a high quality, high-performance MBC used on some of the fastest cars on the planet, many running over 50psi of boost. Machined out of premium billet aluminum with stainless steel hardware provides ultimate durability.

The Pro MBC does not require the use of a lock nut or any type or allen wrench to adjust the boost. Simply turn the knob and go. This also limits the chance of the knob vibrating loose and causing an overboost issue. It’s designed to be used on either an internal or external style wastegate.

The Pro comes extremely well packaged. Everything needed for installation is included with the kit. An extra heavy-duty spring is included in case you want to run higher levels than the pre-installed spring is rated for. The heavy-duty vacuum hose is long enough to allow placement anywhere in the engine bay.

The installation instructions are clear and easy to follow with detailed pictures of every step. Plenty of information to hook it up on most turbocharged vehicles. On most vehicles, installed takes less than an hour.

The body is engraved with easy to read text showing exactly which way to turn to increase or decrease boost levels.

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Black, Blue, Purple

hallman pro mbc
Hallman Boost Controller Pro MBC