GReddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller


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Greddy Boost Controller

This is the newest version TRUST Profec. The Profec series of Electronic Greddy Boost Controllers have evolved over the years. There are many significant improvements in the new model over the last Profec B Spec-II.

Most notable is the large OLED display screen with dial and slim face. The slim design allows the item to mount on any flat surface or with the use of a mount. The display screen allows for easy viewing and for more options of viewing. Boost can be viewed in numeric, a bar-graph or graphical. In addition, scramble mode, warning signs and limiters settings will appear when these situations arise.

On the inside of the Profec, improved CPU processing has increased stability and performance. The solenoid size has also been significantly reduced. The power unit has also been moved to the engine bay. Therefore only the power harness needs to run through the firewall. Get the most out of your turbocharged engine with this great new development from TRUST!

Greddy Profec Boost Controller

The latest and best boost controller available anywhere.

Main components included are Display/Control Unit, Sensor Unit with Pressure Sensor, Boost Solenoid, and Adjustable Mounting Bracket

To keep the Display Unit as slim as possible, a separate water-resistant Sensor Unit is used. The added benifit of this is the convenience of installation. Now that the Sensor Unit mounts in the engine bay, only a single thin harness is required to be routed through the fire-wall.


  • Select between 3 Types of Boost Display Screens (kPa or PSI)
  • Programable LO and HI Boost Pre-Sets, with a 3rd Scamble Setting
  • Timed Over-Take Boost Level
  • Intergrated 300kPa (43.5psi) high-performance boost pressure sensor (within the Sensor Unit)
  • The PRofec can display the last (peak) boost value after each boost session
  • The Peak-Hold Function can display the maximum boost recorded
  • Boost levels and stabilty are fine-tuned by adjusting the GAIN and START BOOST settings
  • Warning Feature displays an visual and audio alert when the unit detects an over-boost situation
  • If the boost warning level is surpassed, the PRofec can reduce boost levels via a programable Limiter Function
  • Easy to use controls Simple rotary-dial and dual push-button layout developed with an emphasis on simple operation
  • Intuitive Dial Operation Unique to this latest generation PRofec is a larger ergonomic rotary-dial control. Along with a new compace display unit size, the controller can be mounted within reach of the operator. This creates an intuitive boost controlling experiance.
  • New Compact Solenoid and Improved CPU Control The PRofec uses a new more compact 3-port boost solenoid, controlled by a faster CPU. The result is a quicker responding system, that provides our most stable boost curves ever.
  • Excellent Visibility with the OLED Display
  • OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display offers excellent visibility at a wider range of angles. It’s much brighter then standard LCD screens, allowing the display to be more compact.
  • Slim design offers many mounting options.
  • 89mm X 36.5mm – 11mm thick flat-screen).
  • The ability to rotate the display by 180 degrees, opens up numerous mounting options.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket is also include

The Greddy Profec sets the bar for electronic boost controllers. With it’s easy to use interface and rock-solid boost control it has been the go-to unit for many shops in the industry. Need more boost? A simple click of a button and bam you’ve got it. Monitor your boost pressure in real time with the color OLED display. It’s designed to be used with either a standard pneumatic actuator or external wastegates, so no matter what you’re using to control boost levels you are covered.

The compact solenoid valve and fast ECU processer provides immediate response and the most stable boost curves yet.

Installation is a piece of cake and requires no special tools. You can easily have it installed and fully set up in an afternoon. With the control unit and sensor being separate units you have unlimited options when it comes to placing it inside your vehicle. Simply route the wiring harness through your firewall and mount the control unit in your cockpit. The ability to fine tune your pressure level has never been easier. 

There are 2 preset settings that can be selected by a single switch. This makes getting that extra power you need as easy as possible. Hit your high boost setting and you are ready to race!

The response and the consistency of the boost can be adjusted by using the GAIN, START BOOST setting. A built in warning feature will alert the driver when the boost exceeds the set boost pressure with an alarm and a message in the display. When the warning feature is activated, the LIMITER feature can lower the boost to a safe pressure. PEAK boost feature will allow the user to check the highest boost recorded.