GFB VNT Controller V2 for VNT & VGT Turbos


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GFB VNT Controller

Manufacturer: Go Fast Bits

Part Number: gfb3009

Want to increase or decrease the boost on your variable vane (i.e. VNT/VGT) turbo diesel? Is the factory boost curve erratic and all over the place? Blown an engine with the factory boost control system? Then the GFB VNT Controller V2 is for you!

It’s common knowledge that some engines with vacuum-operated ECU-controlled VNT/VGT turbos suffer erratic boost behavior, to the point where turbo or engine failures can occur, even on completely stock vehicles. The V2 takes over from the factory ECU control and ensures a stable and repeatable boost curve, which your engine will thank you for!

Cleverly packaged within a black anodized CNC-machined 6061 aluminum housing are two individual adjustment dials, each having a separate and unique adjustment function.

This first dial sets the boost pressure, whilst the other is used to adjust the boost rise rate, i.e. how fast the turbo spools, meaning you can tune your boost to suit any driving conditions.

  • Repeatable And Stable Boost Curve
  • 100% Reliability, Zero Maintenance
  • Easy To Install In Minutes
  • Easy To Adjust, Set-and-forget
  • Precision Needle Valve Bleed System, More Stable Than “ball-and-spring” Types
  • Manufactured In Australia In Accordance With Iso 9001