GFB G Force 3 Electronic Boost Controller

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Go Fast Bits G-FORCE 3 Electronic Boost Controller



  • Boost pressure up to 50psi
  • Adjust peak boost, rise rate, and closed-loop correction
  • Display boost pressure in PSI, Bar, or KPA
  • Peak boost recall
  • 6 boost presets
  • Ability to display air/fuel ratio
  • Touch Screen Inteface with menu button
  • 6 Different Screen Colours
  • New Closed-loop Correction Boost Control Strategy
  • Controls Boost Pressures up to 50psi (3.45 bar)
  • 6 Boost Presets, Individually Programmable
  • Improved Scramble Boost Feature With Aux Remote Switching
  • New Peak Hold Display
  • Remote Input Trigger
  • Real Time Boost Guage Display; Bar,psi or kPa
  • Real Time Vacuum Display
  • Size: 91,5 x53,5 x 18,5mm
  • Overboost Warning Cut

gfb g force 3

The GFB GForce 3 electronic boost controller has features usually found on much more expensive units.

With the G Force III, you get better boost control, and the ability to change boost presets on the fly. And as a bonus, the electronic boost controller also functions as a boost gauge.

What makes the G-Force such a great product

Capacitive touch buttons, which activate with a light touch. A menu button that you use to navigate through the menu. Use the up and down buttons to change the value and then hold the menu to exit.

The G-Force has six boost presets, all of which are programmable. Rise rate, closed-loop control, and peak boost adjust with the press of a button.

The Go Fast Bits G Force III has a new boost control strategy
That uses three parameters to control the boost: duty cycle, gain, and sensitivity.

The duty cycle controls the peak boost. Gain is for how quickly the boost rises, and the sensitivity is the closed-loop correction. This allows you to change how strongly the controller will react to boost variations. Under conditions where the boost may be lower, the sensitivity correction is used to hold the boost as steady as possible.

The high-pressure built-in map sensor in this unit is good for up to 50 psi or three and a half bar. That’s more than enough for most boost applications.

The G-Force has a scramble boost feature, which allows you to activate a timed increase or decrease. This feature jumps to a new boost preset when activated. You can tailor the preset to suit whatever conditions you want. For example, you can use scramble boost as a push to pass type system. Or for daily driving, you can use a low boost for better drivability and economy. And then at the press of a button, you can activate big boost.

Scramble is not just for increasing boost. You can also use it to decrease boost pressure or change the spool-up rate of the turbo as driving conditions require.

As soon as you press the button, the scramble mode is activated and stays active until you release the button. The lights change color to indicate the scramble mode is active. When you release your finger, the user-adjustable time-period times out.

GFB G Force 3 Overboost Protection

There’s an overboost cut out feature. This protects the engine by turning off the solenoid to drop boost pressure in the case of an accidental overboost.

A Peak Hold feature allows you to record the peak boost achieved during each boost run. It displays that level once you return to vacuum mode for 3 seconds.

The real-time boost gauge shows boost pressure and vacuum and can be set to KPa, bar, or psi depending on your preference.

There’s a remote input wire that can be configured to activate either scramble or scroll through the presets on the fly. The input wire can be connected to any dash-mounted push-button switch for ECU output.

The button colors can be changed to match the dashboard lights in your vehicle.

The GFB G Force 3 is home in any boosted vehicle, no matter if its a daily driver, drift, or drag car.

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Gfb gforce 3

Great product got here really fast

Great Price & Quick Shipping

Glad to have found this GeForce-3 boost controller at such a low cost. This was pretty much the last piece needed for my single turbo 335is! Shipping was quick!

Great boost controller

This is a great boost controller, lots of features and easy to use. What made it even better was punishment racing, they ship quickly and have the lowest prices, thanks guy!!!! A+

Quick delivery

Have not had a chance to install it, but it was delivered quickly and in good shape.


Found it the cheapest on this site, haven’t had the time to install it, been waiting on a few more other upgrades as well.

gfb gforce 3
GFB G Force 3 Electronic Boost Controller
$318.60 $279.77