16G Turbo Everything You Need To Know

TD05D 16G Turbocharger  for 90-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse / Galant / Talon 2.0 DOHC 4cyl with 4G63 / 4G63T Engine.

16G Compressor Wheel, TD05D Turbine Wheel, .58 Hot Side



The Tdo5 16g turbo is one of the most popular Mitsubishi based turbochargers to have ever been produced. The 16G is a popular upgrade from the stock DSM turbo. This turbo is designed for quick spoolup, which improves streetability and performance.

Not only has is proven itself on the streets, but 16 g turbo-powered cars have also managed to make over 500hp and run 10-second quarter-mile times! Obviously these weren’t your average daily drivers but it does show you the potential.

One of these nice things about these turbochargers is they have proven to take loads of abuse and keep on rolling. They’ve been used in road, drag, and rally racing for well over 25 years, which proves durability isn’t an issue.


Internal Wastegate
Compressor wheel Inducer 48.2mm / Exducer 67.9mm
Trim 50
Turbine Wheel Inducer 56mm / Exducer 49mm
Trim 77

Water & Oil cooling


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