Dump Pipes

When you’re using an external wastegate, one of the coolest things about it is the ability to use a dump pipe AKA screamer pipe.

There’s nothing like the sound of the wastegate opening with an attention-grabbing growl. It’s also one of the easiest and most efficient ways to vent access exhaust from the turbo system.

The external dump pipe offers more flexibility, options, and easier installation, especially with v band flanged wastegates. With the v-band you can rotate the pipe as needed to make sure it clears everything.

When you’re looking for a screamer pipe, there are a few things you want to check for.

High-quality stainless steel tubing. Mild steel dump tubes tend to rust, which not only looks bad; it also increases the chances of it breaking and falling off.

Any bends in the dump tube should be mandrel bent allowing proper exhaust flow through the corners.

It’s also important that the flange used is an authentic flange made by the wastegate manufacturer. Some companies try to save money by using a knock off Chinese flange. These flanges often don’t properly seal with the wastegate.

You can buy dump pipes in a variety of styles depending on the angles you need to get the exhaust gases out of your engine bay. Some people prefer to vent the gases towards the ground While others like to vent them through the hood. Venting screamer pipes out of the hood is something that is gaining popularity over the last few years.

  • Sale! 44mm v-band dump tube

    44mm Wastegate Dump Tube Pipe 90 Degree

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    38mm V-Band Wastegate Dump Pipe 90 Degree

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    38mm V-Band Wastegate Dump Pipe 45 Degree

  • Vibrant Flexible Interlock Wastegate Dump Hose

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