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The Pedal Commander has become one of the most popular performance upgrades available. For people looking to add easy performance to their vehicle, it’s hard to beat. With so much popularity, it’s also one of the most reviewed products on the market today.

Why is the Pedal Commander such a popular upgrade? Simple, it’s a quick and easy upgrade that can be done in your driveways in minutes. Anyone with a tiny bit of mechanical knowledge can install it and get the maximum throttle response and improved driving experience it offers. It’s also offered for a wide range of vehicle models.

If you’re driving a truck, sedan, or sport compact, the Pedal Commander throttle response controller is being used on a similar vehicle. And as with anything, if it’s been used, it’s been reviewed and posted somewhere online.

To find the most honest Pedal Commander reviews, I searched the Internet for real feedback from real users. Any paid endorsements or reviews aren’t included as they are obviously biased. Hopefully, this helps you decide whether this is an upgrade you would like to make to your vehicle.

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Before we get into the reviews, here is an overview of what the Pedal Commander does and how it works.

  • What it does: Gives you more control of the responsiveness of your gas pedal.
  • How it works: Your vehicle’s electronic gas pedal sends signals to the ECU to let the car know how much the throttle to open. Throttle controllers work by amplifying this signal and telling the ECU to either give the car more or less throttle, depending on the mode you choose.
  • Does it give your car more horsepower: No, it doesn’t. It gives you faster access to the horsepower your car already makes.
  • How do you install it: Installation is very straightforward. It varies slightly depending on your vehicle but the general 3 steps are 1) Locate your accelerator pedal assembly plug connection 2)Remove the plug from your gas pedal 3)Plug male and female connectors into their coordinating plugs on the gas pedal. Make sure that both plugs “click” into place.

Does The Pedal Commander Work?

First up are the “does it work type reviews”, does the Pedal Commander do what it says it will do. Or are you better off with the inferior Sprint Booster throttle control device?

“Does it work? Does it really take the lag out of the ‘Pedal To The Metal – Power To Go’, issue? Can you tell the difference? Simply put? OH, HELL YES YOU CAN 👍😁👍”

“This item does what it says it does, it removes all throttle lag in the pedal. You touch the pedal and the vehicle goes once you find the sweet spot. Install is very easy and fast. The user interface on both the device and the app are straightforward and easy to use. But most importantly, the Pedal Commander app makes driving the D more fun. No more hitting the pedal and waiting for it to respond. Now you hit the pedal and this thing goes, no more response delays. The response time is so much better than it was before. Personally, it was money well spent in my eyes because it made driving my D more enjoyable than before.”

“Performance is visible at takeoff. Definitely fooling the computer, making my truck feel faster. The rapid acceleration makes it a neck breaker during takeoff. Better throttle response from my Toyota Tundra… just make sure traction control is on, or you may spin out even in city mode.”

“Great product. Turned my little V6 Toyota Tacoma into a MONSTER. I’m still playing with all the different modes.”

“OMG! This module is amazing! ’15 Durango RT is ridiculous now. Instant power at the throttle pedal. It brings a smile right away every time. There is no lag at all when tapping on the gas pedal. Definitely the ONLY upgrade you need to make for immediate results.”

“I always thought this thing was overhyped, irrelevant, or pointless. I watched some videos on it, so I thought I would give it a try. It doesn’t make your car faster. It makes the throttle pedal input go to the engine faster. If you tap the gas the engine responds quickly. I have 2015 Charger RT with 5.7 hemi and when you floor it, there is a half second delay before the engine spools up. Once you install the pedal commander and put it in sport mode or sport mode plus that delay is completely gone. So again it doesn’t make the car faster, it just responds faster to your pedal input. It is a good product. Super easy to install.”

“Do you really need this add-on? NO. Does it make your truck more enjoyable and maybe safer to drive? YES.”

“Love the Pedal Commander!! It is by far the best performance tool that I have ever purchased. Installation only took me about 30 minutes due to the tight, crampy space that I had to access (beneath the steering wheel). One should obey the cautions and not put it into the highest performance modes. I find it nearly impossible to ease off without doing a burnout, even in Sport mode +1 (I have a 2019 Charger Scat Pack). And actually, there are 36 settings-not 32. All claims are true. Great product!!!”

This is a great video showing how well it works.

Pedal Commander Installation Reviews

Ok so many of the people who installed their Pedal Commander, seem to rave about it. That’s always a good sign, but how about the installation? Is it really as easy to install one as claimed?

“Extremely easy, took about a minute. Unlocked my D then put the keys back in the house. Not sure why the directions tell you to do this but they do, so I did it. Unhook the wire from the top of the gas pedal, hook the Pedal Commander inline between the wire and the pedal. Super easy. Then I fished the wire under the center console, so it is right next to the driver’s seat. Total time for installation: under 5 minutes.

“Installed this in three minutes. Goes between the gas pedal and the throttle controller.”

“Install couldn’t be any easier…. I put a Playlist on for tunes while I worked last night. Installation was finished before the first song ended. (Twilight Zone by Golden Earring for reference).”

“Installation was easy. It took longer to watch a video on how to install than to actually install it. The commander synced up with the phone app without issue and works as intended.”

The easy installation process is as advertised. Good to know, especially if you’re thinking about getting one for your ride.

This video will give you a general idea of the installation process.

Is The Pedal Commander Worth The Money?

So how about value? The Pedal Commander throttle controller isn’t the cheapest upgrade available, is it worth the price tag?

Here’s what reviewers had to say:

“Was on the fence for a year so because it’s not cheap. It is WELL worth the money. Wow!”

“It’s an expensive option, but I’m glad I bought it.”

“This $300 product makes the 30k car actually worth buying. You won’t be disappointed!”

“Is it worth the price $$$? FOR ME, in MY opinion, it’s worth every dime, and I am MORE than a little happy with it.”

“Personally, it was money well spent in my eyes because it made driving my D more enjoyable than before.”

“I would love it more if it was less expensive. However well worth the price regardless. I consider it a good purchase”

The price seems to be well worth the fun factor that’s unlocked after installation.

What Problems Did Users Have?

Overall the reviews are very positive. But that doesn’t mean everyone loves it. Let’s take a look at some of the negative reviews.

“This mod does give you a very marked improvement in throttle response and faster acceleration. However, it’s mostly perception. It will not improve your gas mileage, even in eco mode. You do have to be careful in Sport plus mode, it will cause you to accelerate too quickly in tight spots.”

“Package arrived on time but was missing the wipes and the adhesive Velcro… When opening package appeared to be just thrown in the box. Not happy with missing items will update once installed but first have to go to store and get something to adhere to dash. I’m not sure if this is a warranty issue.”

“3 star… may update. Received the package in bubble wrap, the seal on the item was broken, dirt inside the case. Will install in the next week, if not working return for a Sprint Throttle Booster”

“Worked as it should have but did not fix my issue of a jerky transmission in my 2018 Chevrolet Silverado”

“Item was easy to install. Your gas mileage gets worse in eco mode. You don’t get more power all it does is trick the computer.”

Many of the negative reviews were from people receiving used items after ordering from eBay. No surprise here, sellers on there are unregulated and free to sell used or even knockoff parts.

Also, it seems many purchasers didn’t fully understand how the Pedal Commander works. It’s not a magic box that can fix transmission issues, it’s a throttle response controller. It’s also not a tuning device. It improves performance by making the gas pedal more responsive and improving your vehicle’s acceleration. Luckily it has a two year warranty should you have an issue.

The third complaint is it may lower your vehicle’s fuel economy, even in eco mode, but that is a byproduct of the vehicle being more fun to drive. Jamming on that gas pedal because it’s now so much more responsive than the sluggish factory throttle setting will burn more gas.

What do Pedal Commander Reviewers Think?

Overall the Pedal Commander reviews are among the most positive reviews of any advanced throttle control system on the market. Is it perfect? No of course not. No product is perfect. It’s also not for everyone, some people are better off with a completely stock car, not everyone is a performance junkie like you.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have a Pedal Commander throttle response controller installed on your vehicle? If so what are your favorite and least favorite things about it? Which setting do you use the most? How do you feel it compares to the Sprint Booster?

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

There is a two-year warranty.

The Pedal Commander will not void your warranty.

Yes, it is completely safe.

No, you need to purchase the model designed to work with your vehicle.

Yes, it can be used alongside any tuner on the market.

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