Make A Performance Plan

This time of year, many of our customers are deciding what to do next with their cars. Some may be planning some minor repairs. Others are making massive changes, adding monster turbos, bigger intercoolers, or building the perfect engine.

The thing with upgrades is once you start, it never seems to end. You can always use a little more power, better handling, braking, tires that grip better, the list goes on and on.

So my question is if you are planning on making performance upgrades, do you have a plan? Do you have a final goal for your car? Trust me as someone who’s been in the business for 20+ years if you don’t have a plan you will spend way more money than you need to.

What happens is you want to make a small upgrade, say a bigger turbo. So you buy the turbo, along with the injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, intake, etc. You get everything you need for that turbo, and you’re good to go. Right?

Not usually. What I’ve seen over and over is the same customers come back next year wanting more power. Now they need another turbo and everything that goes along with it. The intercooler you have can’t keep up with the new turbo so that has to go. Your suspension? That was fine for 350hp but 500hp? Not likely. Now that needs a serious upgrade too.

And let’s not forget about the parts that decide to break once you start making gobs of power. Axles? Better upgrade. Transmission? Get on the phone now and order something stronger.

So if you are thinking about doing a build, sit down with a pen and paper and write down exactly what it is you want out of your car. Not just for this year but for as long as you own it.

Making tons of power is awesome. I recommend it to anyone that has the extra money. But if that’s your goal plan accordingly. Don’t waste thousands of dollars in the constant upgrade cycle.

About Tim Croft

Tim is the lead gearhead at Punishment Racing. He's been in the automotive industry for 20+ years as a technician, fabricator, and shop owner. Twitter

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