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GFB Boost Controllers are now available on our website. Go Fast Bits manufactures some of the highest quality performance parts in the industry. They are meticulously designed and built from the highest grade materials, working the way they supposed to.

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We’ve always been a big fan of their products and are excited to have them on board.

Based in Australia Go Fast Bits offers some of the best bang for your buck solutions on the market. They provide features that are typically only found on much more expensive controllers. They do all this while remaining very easy to use.

GFB Boost Control Options

Go Fast Bits offers both manual and electronic boost controllers. The GFB Atom is the MBC, and the G-Force is their EBC. Both of these controllers are extremely popular worldwide.

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GFB uses a consistent needle-valve bleed system in its controllers. This system brings boost on just as fast as any ball-and-spring system, and generally more quickly than a factory system.

A GFB boost controller gives you the added benefit of being able to adjust the peak boost level. In most cases, it will bring the boost on earlier. Resulting in more power throughout the rev range.

GFB’s EBC offers a simple and intuitive user interface. By using capacitive touch buttons, scrolling text, and a logical menu layout, you’ll find the EBCs are a pleasure to use. You can even choose your preferred boost units and customize the button lighting color to match your car’s dash!

The GFB MBC is one of the best looking options on the market. Installation is as simple as connecting a couple of hoses, and setup is as easy as turning the adjustment until you hit your target. Once that’s done, you can forget about it and drive your car. Being a rugged, mechanical device, it will never vary or fail, no matter how much abuse you can throw at it.

You can learn more about each controller on the product pages of our website.

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