Thanks for taking a second to get to know us!

Punishment Racing was originally founded in back 2001 by Tim Croft, who started building o2 housings, downpipes and test pipes in his garage after work and on the weekends. At the time there were few DSM performance parts on the market and fewer shops that specialized in fabricating parts for the platform. 

Sales grew steadily until the release of the original The Fast And The Furious movie, when things went crazy. Within months of the movie coming out the import car scene exploded. What had been a fun side project quickly turned into a full time business with two employees. 

Things leveled off after a couple of years as the sport compact scene slowly moved from a fad into a solid part of the car culture. 

Our first company website was built in 2003, up until that point PR parts were only sold on eBay and through various DSM vendors. The company focus moved away from just fabrication and we began adding parts from a wide variety of manufacturers to our website. 

Tim stepped away from the business in the summer of 2004. Looking for ways to upgrade his welding and fabrication skills, he spent 2 years working days as a welder in the aerospace industry and nights as an apprentice at a custom chopper shop.

He returned to Punishment Racing in 2006 with the goal of turning the Punishment into the top DSM fabrication shop in the country. A complete lineup of re-designed o2 housings were introduced followed by our first T3 manifolds.

Responding to demands for budget friendly parts due to the 2008 recession we entered into partnerships with outside manufacturers who were able to produce cost effective parts that could meet our quality requirements.

The PR budget line quickly grew and by mid 2009 had grown into a big part of our business. We expanded into other markets and at one point had 4 websites, 2 eBay shops and an Amazon store. We had also began building private label parts for other shops in the DSM, Evo and Nissan markets.

In 2014 it was time to shake things up again. Punishment Racing had grown into just another company selling the same old boring parts. Our name began getting grouped together with shitty “eBay” parts companies. That was definitely never the goal so a new game plan was put together. The goal was simple, build the absolute highest quality parts on the market. 

We’ve closed down our eBay and Amazon stores and stopped manufacturing parts for other shops. Every website except for the one you are on right now was either sold or shut down. We’ve also begun slowly discontinuing our budget parts and will soon be out of that business all together.

Its now 2019 and there is only one thing this company is focused on….building bad ass parts that look as good as they perform. It’s been a wild ride getting here but thats what keeps it interesting. Hopefully you’ll tag along to see what we do next!