Thanks for taking a second to get to know us!

Punishment Racing began in 2001. At the time, there were only a handful of fabrication shops that specialized in DSM performance parts. My brothers and I were building a 1991 Eclipse GSX in my garage, and when I couldn’t find the exhaust pieces I needed for the car, I had to make my own.

After realizing there was a demand for parts, I listed a few o2 housings, test pipes, and downpipes on Ebay. These sold almost immediately and Punishment Racing was started.

Sales grew steadily until the release of the original The Fast And The Furious movie when things went crazy. Within months of the film coming out, the import car scene exploded. What had been a fun side project quickly turned into a full-time business.

Things leveled off after a couple of years as the sport compact scene slowly moved from a fad into a substantial part of the car culture.

Our first company website was built in 2003. Up until that point, our parts were only sold on eBay and through various DSM vendors. The company focus moved away from just fabrication, and we began adding parts from a wide variety of manufacturers to our website.

Responding to demands for budget-friendly parts due to the 2008 recession, we entered into partnerships with outside manufacturers who were able to produce cost-effective parts that met our quality requirements.

The PR budget line quickly grew, and by mid-2009 had become a big part of our business. We expanded into other markets and, at one point, had four websites, two eBay shops, and an Amazon store. We had also begun building private label parts for other shops in the DSM and Evo markets.

In early 2012 things began to slow down, and over the next few years, parts of the business were either sold or shut down completely. By 2014 the industry had changed completely; being a DSM only shop wasn’t an option anymore. You either had to go big and start working with every platform, or you were through. Every shop that specialized in DSMs either went out of business or branched out into Evos, GTRs, Hondas, etc.

I decided to stop hand building parts in early 2015. It was a tough decision, but there was no other option. The business name was sold, and I walked away from the performance parts business.

In early 2019 the entity I had sold the name too contacted me to see if I was interested in repurchasing it, and I jumped at the chance. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I wanted to get back into the car scene. I eventually decided to turn it into a website focused on the entire car culture.

So that brings you up to date. Punishment Racing has been around almost 20 years now. It’s gone through many changes over the years, but this is the biggest one yet.

Stay tuned for news and articles that will shake up the industry. We will give you all the inside information you need to know when purchasing performance parts.